Repeal the 90 day bill

A touchstone for the left: repealing National's "90 day bill". There should be no problem finding an MP willing to front this measure.

Relevant legislation

The Employment Relations Amendment Bill amended section 67 of the Employment Relations Act, repealed sections 103(1)(h) and 110A, and inserted new sections 67A and 67B. It also made consequental amendments to the KiwiSaver Act 2006.

Potential changes

Reversing the changes means substituing the old s67, reinserting 103(1)(h) and 110A, repealing 67A and 67B, and undoing the relevant changes to the KiwiSaver Act.

An application clause can ensure that the changes apply only to new employment contracts (so that old probationary periods wrap up gracefully, rather than employers finding they suddenly have additional, unexpected commitments)

I am not sure that Section 101B(5)(b) of the KiwiSaver Act 2006, given that it was only for the avoidance of doubt and the key provisions it was referring to will be reimplemented.


  • There is no majority for this. The bill would be symbolic only, aimed at positioning the relevant party and forcing the government to vote it down.

Employment Relations (Probationary Period Repeal) Amendment Bill - pitched at Darien Fenton and Carol Beaumont
Employment Relations (Restoration of Kiwisaver Fairness) Amendment Bill

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