Codify The Reserve Powers

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For further discussion on current conventions, see the relevant sections of the Cabinet Manual.

If we are to shift to a republic, one of the things we need to nail down are the reserve powers - and specifically the powers to appoint a Prime Minister and dissolve Parliament. At present, this is governed by constitutional convention - the Governor-General appoints the persn who commands the confidence of the House, and can only dismiss them if they lose that confidence. But convention is no protection against a rogue head of state, as Australia's experience with the Whitlam dismissal shows. Nailing down the rules for the appointment and dismissal of governments in legislation will prevent abuses no matter what our future constitutional structure is.

The current conventions are in the Cabinet Manual:

The bill should aim to codify these provisions, though in a less prescriptive form than the draft linked above. It should aim to reflect current practice, rather than introduce any significant changes.

Relevant legislation
Constitution Act 1986

Constitution (Reserve Powers) Amendment Bill

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