Allow Workers To Choose Their Own Holidays

Currently, we have mandatory 4 weeks leave and 11 public holidays. Employers are, however, able to impose closedown or no-leave periods of their choosing. This is inconvenient and unfair on those who wish to take holidays at non-traditional times.

I'd suggest the following:
1. require employers to let workers take leave at a time of their choosing, subject to reasonable (3 month?) notice
1a. allow limited exceptions for small (< 10 person) businesses or education and similar institutions with seasonal operations
2. replace current public holidays with 11 days extra leave
2a. for these days, allow the exception above for customer-facing roles that can reasonably be expected to close
3. remove all opening restrictions around public holidays
3a. ensure that under (1) employees are able to be rostered off for traditional and religious holidays according to their personal wishes.

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