(Prevention of) Abuse of Urgency

It seems that the current government is determined to reduce the opportunities for members bills etc, by motioning the house into urgency.

another misuse of urgency
urgency again

So, perhaps something can be done about that?

The definition of urgency and its effect is in Standing Orders 54-58 (page 35-36). Standing Orders themselves can be amended or revocked by a motion (Standing Order 6; page 24) and reviewed by the Standing Orders Committee (Standing Order 7). Members can introduce a notice of motion, which is something dealt with in the same slot as Members Bills (Standing Order 68-67, page 37-38).

Therefore, (if I'm reading this right) in principle it seems that any Member can bring a motion to parliament that modifies the rules on urgency.

So, what might that motion look like?

I can see a couple of strategies:

Either, modify Standing Order 54 Urgency (2) to read:
"A motion for urgency may not be moved until after the completion of general business, and, on a Wednesday, the completion of Members' orders of the day."

Or, add to Standing Order 55 Effect of Urgency a section (2)(e)
"if a sitting extends over a Wednesday, then when urgency ceases the provisions of Standing Order 73 (Wednesdays) apply to the next day that the House sits."


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